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Greeting from Tennessee

Where Are Retirees Moving?

According to the current population survey, posted on “Hire A Helper” Blog, Over 234,000 Americans moved to retire in 2022, 4% more than in 2021. There are two notable metro areas located in Tennessee, Nashville-Davidson-Murfreesboro, TN (5.3%) and Knoxville, TN (3.2%), which were among the top 10 places retirees moved in 2022. 

Tennessee cities continually find themselves on lists naming the top places to live in the United States, for various reasons. Retirees are drawn to Tennessee for its low cost of living and tax friendliness. With its job market developing, particularly in the tech sector, and home prices remaining below the national median, the bang for your buck seems like an easy choice. The state has also seen its older population of those 65 and older climb during the pandemic in 2021 from before the pandemic in 2019.

When you ask where in Tennessee is a good place to retire, Chattanooga is one of the cities to think of first. Both Chattanooga and the nearby mountain community of Signal Mountain have plenty of walking trails and outdoor activities. You’ll also have access to all the amenities you’d get with big-city living, including plenty of restaurants and shops. Over 16% of the population is over 65 years old. 

Looking to Middle Tennessee, Nashville and Franklin are some of the top places to retire in Tennessee. History and suburban life make Franklin one of the best cities to retire in Tennessee. Just 20 miles south of downtown Nashville, Franklin is perhaps best known as the site of two Civil War battles. You’ll find plenty of historic attractions, mixed with more dining and shopping options than you’ll find anywhere in Tennessee. Over 12% of the residents of Franklin are over 65. Costs in Nashville are affordable compared to other big cities. If you like downtown living, Nashville could be one of the best places to retire in Tennessee. You’ll get plenty of shopping and restaurants around downtown, with your pick of live music venues in the famed Broadway area. 

Tennessee provides natural beauty, a mild climate, urban conveniences and rural peacefulness. With low living costs and quality healthcare, Tennessee is a great state to call home.