reverse mortgage Success Stories

Local Success Stories

Reverse Mortgage Success Stories in Chattanooga, TN

Mortgage South has helped many seniors in the Chattanooga, TN and North Georgia areas access the equity in their home and get cash to finance their retirements! Some of them have written to let us know how our help has improved their lives. Check out their success stories, and be sure to contact us when you’re ready to start your own reverse mortgage.

Local Success Stories

“When my Dad had a stroke It changed not only his life but all of ours. He was very independent up till his stroke he worked the day before. So not only did we worry about making sure we were giving him the care he needed but we were not sure how we were going to handle his mortgage and his medical bills.I am so glad we came and talked to you about a reverse mortgage it was perfect for us and you and everybody at Mortgage South were so nice and helped us understand about a Reverse mortgage Thank you.”
– Cary Ferguson

“When my husband and I decided that we needed to downsize, our first priority was to find a place to live that would please both of us. Not an easy task, but we were able to accomplish this very quickly. Next came the question of how to finance our “new” home. Neither of us had ever considered a reverse mortgage, but I picked up a sheet with a name and phone number and called out of curiosity. After a brief conversation with Nathan Guerrero, we made an appointment and talked with him about the possibility of using the reverse mortgage to finance our move. He answered all of our questions and told us to call anytime that we had other questions or concerns. We did take advantage of that offer several times. Each time he gave answers that were both honest and geared to our unique circumstances. Our decision to use Reverse Mortgage to finance our home was a good one for us. Although the process is probably quite complicated, we never realized that because Nathan walked us through it a step at a time, even meeting us somewhere when we could not make it to his office. His warm professionalism and honesty cannot be beaten”
– Linda

“Mortgage South has made such a difference in our day to day lives! From the very beginning of this experience the day that we 1st met Nathan at Pratt Homes we were almost immediately put at ease by his attitude, patience, and knowledgeable way of being able to explain everything in detail. Nathan worked with us every step of the way, sometimes we would feel silly about calling him to ask multiple questions, but he never seemed annoyed, and was always very responsive as I have gotten very impatient in my more mature years. All we can say is that we never ever got the feeling that he was not totally there with us every step of the way and always reassuring that everything was going as it was supposed too! As we wake up every morning in our beautiful home, all we can say is thank you from the bottom of our hearts for always being there for us until closing. Our grateful thanks to you Nathan Guerrero & your company Mortgage South for our Reverse Mortgage.”
-Fondly, David & Lynda McClain

“My husband and I have experienced several financial challenges since the loss of our fire protection business. We took a long hard look at the reverse mortgage loan and concluded that it was a good option for us. The reverse mortgage will allow us to live the rest of our retirement years without a house payment and that is very important to us. Nathan did a great job of explaining the program to us and went above and beyond for us several times during the process. He even came to our home a couple times to get things taken care of. We really felt at home with Mortgage South the whole time and I would recommend Nathan and his company to anyone looking for a reverse mortgage. Our lives have really been changed for the better since working with them.”
-Sincerely, Douglas and Linda Cordle