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How can a HECM Reverse Mortgage help grandparents facing the reality of raising grandchildren.

Grandparents raising grandchildren. Unfortunately, some grandparents are put in the very difficult position of raising their grandchildren. There are various… Read More

Reverse Mortgages Are A Critical Tool That Retirees Are Using In Their Battle Against Historic Inflation And Borrowing Costs

 The news on the financial front for folks in retirement is both good and bad. Let’s have some good news… Read More

Are you financially prepared for the loss of your spouse during retirement? Our clients uniquely use home equity as part of their plan.

In my line of work, I meet with clients that are either entering or are currently in retirement. One question… Read More
HELOC vs HECM Blog Post

HELOC vs HECM: Why HELOCs may not be the best option for senior homeowners

When it comes to leveraging the value of a home, both a home equity line of credit (HELOC) and a… Read More
Are Your Clients Thinking of Pulling Out of Equities

Are Your Clients Thinking of Pulling Out of Equities?

Do you have clients thinking of pulling out of equities due to Bear market fears and volatility? A HECM “reverse… Read More

Credit Crunch

The coming credit crunch will not affect our client’s ability to access credit. Will it affect yours? Exploring your client’s… Read More

What is “FHA Insurance” on a Reverse Mortgage?

You may have heard “federally insured” or “FHA insured” when talking about a reverse mortgage loan, but what does that… Read More
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Where Are Retirees Moving?

According to the current population survey, posted on “Hire A Helper” Blog, Over 234,000 Americans moved to retire in 2022,… Read More
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How Inflation is affecting seniors and how a Reverse Mortgage could help

Inflation soared in 2022. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, inflation is around 7% at the start of… Read More