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Mortgage South became Tennessee’s first and leading reverse mortgage lender in 1993. We serve homeowners 62 and older in the Chattanooga and Nashville area, putting their home equity to work into providing them with extra income and financial support. With over 30 years of experience, our expertise and knowledge help you to make the best financial decision for you and your family.

A reverse mortgage can help you improve your life in many ways. In fact, the majority of our clients use their reverse mortgage income to help with medical expenses, home renovations, in-home care, or even to travel the world. After all the years you put into building your career, it’s time to start enjoying life to the fullest. If you are looking for a reverse mortgage lender near Mount Juliet, we are here to help.

Hear From Our Clients

“What a totally satisfying experience. I just completed a Reverse Mortgage with Mortgage South. I was nervous in the beginning because I didn’t feel comfortable with this new type of mortgage. But Nathan and his staff quickly made this a great and seamless process. From day one until my signing at the title company, there was never a cause for concern. Nathan and Ashton kept me abreast of all meetings and items I needed to compile or complete along the way. You didn’t have to leave messages and hope for a return call. You called Ashton at the office or called Nathan on his personal phone. And what really struck me was that there was never a sense of “there are the guidelines for the loan,” rather “how can we help you and make your life better.” In the end I can honestly say that I trust Nathan and his staff implicitly. Thank you, Mortgage South!”

– Mark

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Our team is dedicated to bringing you the most easy-going experience when applying for a reverse mortgage. We want this to be a time when you finally are set free from financial burdens and get to enjoy your retired life. When you are looking for reverse mortgage lenders near Mount Juliet, be sure to give us a call!

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